Speech Story

           The lack of women running for positions in the United States should be the last straw, Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids said during the 2019 Elizabeth Dole Women in Leadership lecture Sunday afternoon. The audience at Dole Center included over 100 people listening to Davids talk about her time in Congress.

           Davids, sworn into Congress earlier this year and the second native American woman to run for Congress, said that it was a disservice not to have as many women in the race. This country is figuring out who it is, and women need to be a part of that.

           “The number of women in Congress is depressed versus the number of population that women take up,” Davids said.

           Speaking to all young people, Davids said her time working for both the service industry at Sonic and as a lawyer, helped her to develop the skills needed to run for office.

           “I thought Sharice Davids was very insightful in her conversation today,” said Claire Thomas, a student from Lee Summit attending the event out of interest. “It intrigued me being a female, myself.”

           Davids said the most impactful work she has ever done came from doing community service, where she learned how dollars are divided up and policies. Davids believed that it is work like community service that can light the spark to push women forward.

           “I believe the women running for offices now already had the want to run for office,” Davids said when asked if she saw herself as an inspiration to other women. Davids believes that it was women like Elizabeth Dole who paved the way for women in congress.

            “I thought what was interesting is that she talked about how a regular person can get into politics that it is not a barrier, but that if you put in the time and effort into something, it’s accomplishable,” said Christian Toth, a sophomore at the University of Kansas.

           Davids said that more youth should try to get involved because it is most often the older leaders in politics who fail to listen to the issues of the youth.

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