Strategy through storytelling.

No, it is not just marketing. It’s “Storytelling.” I tell the story of products that are Only $3.99 for a limited time!

About Me

Who am I?

I am an experienced digital strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the media industry. Skilled in leadership, team collaboration, graphic design, SEO, media development, the Adobe Creative Suite, copywriting and coding. Persistent, driven individual studying strategic communications focused on advertising, business partnering and marketing.



KU Solar Car

KU Solar Car is a non-profit student engineering organization at the University of Kansas. At KU Solar Car I am the Operations and Business Director, and I am working to further develop the KU Solar Car brand image. My team also recently defined, and is continuing to work to perfect, the external funding process and is currently running a $10,000 LaunchKU sponsorship campaign.

Broemmer Books

I am the graphic designer and digital strategist for Broemmer Books, ensuring the quality of content and posts position the books for optimal exposure to the target market. I am currently working on book cover designs, social media planning, and Facebook advertising for Broemmer Books.

Dinner is in the Bag

I continue to develop media and web assets for this small business as well as strategies for expansion into other markets. Dinner is in the Bag is a crockpot meal business that I have helped grow since 2017.

Recommendations & Testimonials

What People Say

Hayden’s got great ideas, and he brings a new way of thinking to my business promotion. I’m a writer; therefore, I tend to be happiest alone at my computer. Hayden’s enthusiasm and admirable work ethic is a great reminder for me that marketing is essential for success. He’s a go-getter, and he’s fun to work with.

― Tracy Broemmer, Author, Broemmer Books

We’ve loved working with you and really appreciate how you helped birth this idea! You’re always the top of our list and we’re looking forward to future collaborations!

― Dani Dizes, Content Strategist, BRM Institute

Hayden Barnes