Personality Profile

           It’s a brisk Wednesday afternoon of work for Lia Zink-Duda, and for the past few hours, the perfect design has been the only thing on her mind.            Zink-Duda is working hard on a large poster design project for the social justice organization, Kansas Appleseed. Zink-Duda is a sophomore and is enrolled in the rigorous visualContinue reading “Personality Profile”

Speech Story

           The lack of women running for positions in the United States should be the last straw, Democratic Rep. Sharice Davids said during the 2019 Elizabeth Dole Women in Leadership lecture Sunday afternoon. The audience at Dole Center included over 100 people listening to Davids talk about her time in Congress.            Davids, sworn intoContinue reading “Speech Story”

University of Kansas students develop solar car for 2020 race

            The University of Kansas Solar Car Organization is progressing at high speed with full funding and a complete design says the organization’s program director.             KUSC is in the process of buying all the materials needed to build a single-manned solar powered racing vehicle.             KUSC is a student-run engineering organization that consists ofContinue reading “University of Kansas students develop solar car for 2020 race”